Interim Budget 2019-20
Did the States get short-changed under Modi Government? 
Feb 15th 2019, Prasenjit Bose
With the increase in cess and surcharges under the NDA regime, States have been deprived of their share of Central taxes.
The great Budget "Cash for Votes" Scam - and other Cash Transfer Schemes 
Feb 15th 2019, Jayati Ghosh
Jayati Ghosh argues that a combination of universal basic services, universal employment guarantee and universal pensions to ensure a minimum income is more workable and desirable rather than cash transfers to individual households.
Budgetary Sops Will Do Little to Fix Unemployment and Poverty in India 
Feb 5th 2019, Sunanda Sen
The Budget sops will not provide a solution to problems of poverty and unemployment in India, which result from structural changes creating a mass of unutilised and underutilised labour force.
Budget 2019-20: Will it help India's farmers?
Feb 4th 2019, Jayati Ghosh
The interim budget 2019-20 is unlikely to bring relief to farmers and secure their approval for the coming elections. The approach to farmers in this Budget reaffirms the Modi government's tendency to rely on optics and jumlas rather than actual spending and concrete policies.
The Boundaries of Welfare
Feb 4th 2019, Prabhat Patnaik
Interim budget indicates that the government's electoral strategy is to win over the 'intermediate classes' while ignoring the poor.
Budget (interim or otherwise) 2019 and the Employment Crisis
Feb 3rd 2019, Jayati Ghosh
Despite the on-going employment crisis, the interim budget 2019, shows no evidence of fresh or even systematic thinking on the issue of job creation by the government.
Neither Interim, nor Substantial
Feb 2nd 2019, C.P. Chandrasekhar
The interim budget 2019, as expected is a propaganda effort, with no well thought out strategy or real intent. The meagre "sops" offered are a pathetic effort to mobilise voter support at the last minute.
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