The Fiscal Deficit
Jyotirmoy Bhattacharya
Privatisation and Poverty Reduction : What are the Links ?
CSO's Shaky GDP Estimates
C Rammanohar Reddy
Is a Fiscal Deficit Inherently Bad?
What was the Vision Underlying India's Post-Independence Economic Strategy?
What were the Main Drawbacks of the Nehruvian Strategy of Development?
What was the Nature of the Agrarian Transition in Post- Independence India?
What would be the Impact of the Ongoing Programme of Privatisation on Indian Industry?
What are the Prospects of Foreign Direct inflows to India? What are the Implications of the Possible Alternative Scenarios?
There has been a Substantial Increase in India's Dependence on Foreign Finance since 1990-91. Are we Slipping Deeper into the Debt Trap? What are the chances of India Avoiding a Balance of Payments Crisis as in 1991, in the Medium Term Future?
On which Sections would the Burden of the Current Structural Adjustment Programme Fall? How do We Assess the Recent Government Claims on Significant Reduction of Poverty in this Context?
Is the Ongoing Reform Process in China and India Comparable?
In the Changing Global Scenario of Unipolarism and Rapid Economic Integration, Is It Possible for India to Pursue the Traditional Policy Course? What are the Options that the Country has?

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