Call for applications for scholarships for participating in “Justice - Responsibility for the Future", the inter-disciplinary conference organised by the European Forum Alpbach 2011, 18 August-3 September.
Mar 24, 2011.
In 2011, the European Forum Alpbach will deal with "Justice - Responsibility for the Future". From August 18 to September 3, 4000 people from over 60 countries will once again come to the Tyrolian mountain village of Alpbach to discuss and explore current issues in the interdisciplinary setting of this conference.

The pursuit of justice is inherently human. The subjectivity of our perception gives rise to as many different opinions as there are human beings. When our own views or positions are negated by someone else's, we feel the need for "justice": we start looking for a superior authority that will solve our conflicts with the surrounding world and impose an order on opposing attitudes. Under the heading "Justice - Responsibility for the Future", the European Forum Alpbach 2011 is centred on the conviction that justice and fairness are not only a necessity, but an ethical imperative. Only if we strive to create fair systems today, will we be able to live up to our responsibility towards future generations, their peaceful coexistence and their sustenance.

The European Forum Alpbach 2011 will give its participants a choice of 16 one-week seminars which will analyse the manifestations of "Justice - Responsibility for the Future" in a great variety of academic fields. The Alpbach Symposia will approach the topic from a more practice-oriented vantage point. A large number of panel discussions will give you the opportunity to debate the most burning current issues in the fields of healthcare, technology, economics, international politics, spatial planning and financial markets. Summer Schools for European Law and Health Care Policy, as well as a rich cultural programme, complete the agenda.

The international interdisciplinary conference offers participants the opportunity to enter into discussion with renowned personalities. In a unique atmosphere, experts from politics, business and academia will discuss burning issues of our times with the participants. An extensive social programme gives participants the chance to continue debates outside the conference and seminar rooms. The special nature of the European Forum attracts around 4,000 participants to the Tyrolean village of Alpbach every year.

To enable young people to share in this experience, the European Forum Alpbach is once again calling for applications for scholarships with the support of donors.

For more details about the scholarship program, please visit:

In numerous European countries, Alpbach Initiative Groups and Clubs offer additional scholarship opportunities. These associations, which are run by Alpbach alumni, also organise events in the spirit of Alpbach. More details can be found at:

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