Marxism 2009: Challenging Capitalism and War" conference, Melbourne, Australia, 9-12 April 2009.
Dec18, 2008.
Marxism 2009 Conference

Thursday 9th April

Public meeting: Challenging capitalism and war: featuring a left wing activist from Egypt Mamdouh Habashi, American socialist and author of a new book on the Vietnam War Joe Allen and Socialist Alternative National Executive member Sandra Bloodworth

Friday 10th April

Marxist foundations: The Russian revolution: The real story

Sri Lanka: Where Trotskyism became a mass movement

Trading in pollution: Environmental destruction & the fallacy of market solutions

Bubble to Bust: The Global Economy Today with Deutscher prize winning author Rick Kuhn

Marxist foundations: Do revolutions always end in dictatorships?

Australia and the “Good War”: Opposition and Resistance during WW2 with Tom O’Lincoln author of a new book on the period

Does the “Russia question” still matter for the left?

Q and A with the renowned investigate reporter and documentary filmmaker John Pilger

Standing up to imperialism and war: an eye witness account from Lebanon

What does the Obama presidency mean for world politics with American socialist Joe Allen

The Northern Territory intervention: the latest racist land grab

A history of Anarchism – a Marxist critique

Debate on way forward for the union movement with Tom Bramble author of a new book on the history of the Australian union movement

Fighting back against capitalist crisis: a first hand report on worker and student resistance in Greece

Marxist foundations: What is the revolutionary attitude to violence and non- violence?

Red Shelley: The life and times and revolutionary poetry of Percy Byshe Shelley with Luke Wilson

Saturday 11th April

Marxist foundations: Is human nature a barrier to radical change?

Are Western workers a labour aristocracy?

When the Diggers took on the Scabs – Retaking the Waterfront in 1919 with radical historian Robert Bollard


Marxist foundations: Socialist Alternative: Who are we? What do we stand for?

What the world economic crisis means for socialists

Comrades Come Rally: the formation of the Australian Communist Party

A report on working class resistance in the Middle East by Mamdouh Habashi from Egypt

Panel on Gay Liberation Movement with Liz Ross, Daniel Marshall and another special guest

Animal Farm and 1984: Was Orwell anti- socialist?

Marxist foundations: Why do we need a socialist organisation?

The origins of Bolshevism in Russia: a new interpretation

The Marxist theory of sexism, oppression and class

Why does capitalism go into crisis?

The socialist answer to capitalist crisis with a range of international speakers and Vashti Kenway from Socialist Alternative

Film Screening of the anti-war film Taliban Country

Radical history tour of Melbourne University conducted by Mick Armstrong

Sunday 12th April

Marxist foundations: Why a class analysis matters to changing the world

Class and sect in the Middle East

The red in the rainbow – the struggle for sexual liberation

Marxist foundations: The capitalist state: what it is and how to challenge it

Understanding exploitation – the labour theory of value

As the miracle economy falters: a special guest from Hong Kong reports on the emerging workers movement in China

The ABC of Marxist Economics

Does the Marxist theory of imperialism need updating?

More than a year of hard Labor: Rudd and Australian politics today

Lenin’s What is to be done – a re-interpretation

Why changing the world means taking power

Marxist foundations: Sexism and 21st century capitalism: Why are women still oppressed?

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